How do you update the channel list on your box:

1. Ensure you have a USB Flash Drive that is formatted to FAT32 (most are preformatted to FAT32 when purchased)
2. Download the File tp_prog.dbs to your USB Flash Drive (DO NOT put the file tp_prog.dbs in a folder, put it in the root of the drive)
3. Remove your USB from the Computer
4. Plug into the Rear of the Skybox/Openbox/Libertview Box
5. Turn box on
6. Press Menu on Remote
7. Press Left/Right Arrow Keys Until you get to Tools section
8. Press Down Arrow Key to go to Upgrade By USB, then press OK
9. Press Right Arrow key to change Mode from Image Files (*.abs) to Misc Files
10. Press Down arrow to Select & Upgrade Then Press OK
11. Press Green Button on Remote
12. Press Yellow Button
13. When the update has finished Press the Info Button to check that it updated OK
14. Press Exit button several times slowly until you come out of Menu, The box should reboot itself. When its rebooted the channels should be updated.

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Some Channels Are Showing No Signal:

If you are getting No Signal when another reciever that is connected to the same dish is switched on then you may need a NO SIGNAL FIX cable.

To check the problem further, disconnect any other satellite recievers that are connected to the same dish from the mains (putting the receiver in Standby will not work actually disconnect from the mains). If the signal returns to these channels then I would be certain you would need a NO SIGNAL FIX cable, you can find these on Ebay. Click Here to Search eBay

I am getting Scrambled on Some of My Channels

You need to be connected to a card share system to receive scrambled channels, at present most HD and many SD channels will show scrambled and cannot be fixed

1. Check that the internet is working on the receiver, the easiest way to do this is to try watching a video on the YouTube app on the box (press Menu, then goto Network Local Setting, then Select Network APP, then select YouTube) If a YouTube video plays then your receiver is receiving the internet OK, go to step 2,
If YouTube videos do not play then check your cable is firmly plugged into the receiver and the router. If you are connected via wireless make sure you wireless connector is firmly plugged in. Finally if its still not working Turn off the receiver from the mains and also Turn Off the Router, leave for 5 minutes, then Turn the router back on leave for another 5 minutes then turn receiver back on.

2. If you can play YouTube Videos, check with your provider that your service has not expired or if they are experiencing technical problems.

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