S4C HD Moved Transponder
Nickelodeon +1 Moved Transponder
True Entertainment & True Entertainment +1 renamed Sony Channel & Sony Channel +1
Sony Channel Moves to 157 (+1 257)
Sony Crime Moves to 179 (+1 279)
Movies for Men renamed Sony Movies Action also +1


Quest HD, Freesports HD, France24 HD and France Eng Fixed


PBS America Changed Transponder
CNN Changed Transponder
High Street TV 3 Changed Transponder

Various Music Channels Changed Transponder

Love World TV now LoveWorld HD
Travel XP Added to 185
Food XP Added to 712
Republic Bharat added to 708

Various International Channels Moved

NTAI removed
Good News TV added to 596
Zee TV HD Removed
Bangers renamed TVX Bangers
40+ renamed TVX 40+
Lucky Star renamed Meet the Babes
Zing TV Removed
Living Foodz Removed
Chelsea TV Removed
Retro Movies Change Transponder
Channel 44 Changed Transponder
Studio 66 Changed Transponder
Psychic Today Changed Transponder
Keep it Country renamed Spotlight TV
Price Crash Renamed Smart Shop
XXX Petite renamed XXX Big&Bouncy
Chart Show Hits Changed Transponder
Global Hits Renamed Chart Show Hits and Changed Transponder
The Vault Changed Transponder
TV 99 Removed
XXX 18&Dirty Moved Transponder
XXX Big&Bouncy Moved Transponder
XXX GirlGirl Moved Transponder
Freesports HD replaced Freesports SD
Good Food 133 Moved To 198
Good Food +1 233 Moved To 298
TLC 140 Moved To 133
TLC+1 240 Moved To 233
Travel Channel 198 Moved To 178
Travel Channel + 1 298 Moved To 278
Food Network 172 Moved To 140
Food Network +1 272 Moved To 240
DMAX 178 Moved To 172
DMAX +1 278 Moved To 272

TWR Radio Moved Transponders
CLTV Removed from 192
CNBC SD moved to 890
CNBC HD added to 505
Property Show renamed Fascination TV on 189
Lifetime +1 Removed from 264
V Channel removed from 680
Juwelo Removed from 681
Rishtey Cineplex renamed Colors Cineplex on 718
Rishtey renemed Colors Rishtey on 741
FAME TV removed from 452
VH1 moved to 160
PBS moved to 174
BET moved to 173
Together moved to 194
Christmas Hits renamed Global Hits on 366
CGTN moved to 891 and Moved Transponder
CGTN added to 509
Insight HD removed from 451
Aplus TV renamed B4U Plus
Television X HD added to 900
Tevevision X SD Removed as now HD only
Xrated 40+ moved to 904 and renamed 40+
TVXponstars moved to 907 and renamed Dirty Talk
TVXpaypernight moved to 903 and renamed Bangers
XXX Office Girls renamed XXX Amateur
Jazz FM Moved Transponders
Scala Radio added
VTV Renamed DBN TV
SkyNws Arabia renamed SkyNewsArabia
High Street TV 5 changed transponder

Samaa Moved transponder
Food Network and Food Network +1 moved transponder

Sorted out the Adult Section as various channels were not working
Islam TV, IQRA TV & IQRA BANGLA moved transponders

Travel Channel & Travel Channel +1 Changed Transponder
Ch 685 Renamed Shop Now
Ch 686 Renamed Price Crash
High Street TV Channel Re-shuffle
MTV Beats added to 717
Tru TV and Tru TV +1 Renamed True Crime
Smithsonian HD added to 195

Bloomberg Removed from 876
ABN Moved from 195 to 456
At The Races renamed SkySp Racing
Discovery+1 UK Moved Transponder
Discovery Home and Health Moved Transponder

PTV Prime Fixed
Paramount and 5SELECT have swapped channel numbers
The Following channels have moved transponder
Box Upfront
Box Hits
The Box

CBS Action renamed CBS Justice
Nollywood renamed Retro Movies
movies4men & mov4men+1 Changed Transponder
Sony Movies & Sony Movies +1 Changed Transponder
BBC Two Wales HD added to 971 BBC Two SD Wales Moved to 980
Starz TV Changed Transponder
ROK+1 Added to 330

Kerrang Moved to 363
Chartshow to moved to 364 and changed transponder
The Vault moved to 365 and changed transponder
Christmas Hits added to 366
Chartshwdance removed from 370 (no longer broadcasting)

The follow channels have changed transponder
Channel4 +1
E4 +1
Film4 +1
Film 4 Ireland
Record TV HD

PTV Prime Moved from 713 to 783
Aaj Tak Moved from 738 to 713

Scuzz and Sony Crime 2 Closed and removed

Channel 44 Changed Transponder
Box Nation HD Removed
Vintage TV Removed
Heart TV Removed
Capital TV Removed
10.847V FEC changed to 3/4
11.023H FEC changed to 3/4
Sky 2 moved to 151
E! moved to 123
A1TV Moved Transponders
Massive RnB Renamed Total Country (starts 1st Nov)


Craft Extra Changed Transponder
Motorsport TV removed as no longer broadcasting on sat
Movies4Men & Movies4Men+1 Moved Transponder
Sony Movies & Sony Movies+1 Moved Transponder
ROK Moved Transponder
IQRA TV Moved Transponder
IQRA BANGLA Moved Transponder
PTV Prime Moved Transponder
Holiday+Cruise renamed CruiseChannel


Arised News replaces Times Now on 519
Hits Radio Replaces Absolute 70s


Showcase Moved to 455
CLTV added to 192
Quest HD added to 144
Quest SD Moved to 866
Zing Moved Transponder


The following channel have changed transponders

Nat Geo
Nat Geo +1
Nat Geo Wild
History +1
Psychic Today

Together moved to 173
Paramount added to 159

E4 Fixed

SkyNws Arabia Changed Transponders
France 24 HD Added to 512 (SD moved to 873)
LFCTVHD Moved to 425 (LFCTV SD Removed as no longer broadcasting)

TJC Choice Removed
Primal Cure added to 670
NTAI added to 781
Yanga!, RTE One, RTE2, TG4 & 4music moved Transponders

Pick Moved Transponders
BBC RB 2-6 Tests Added


The following channels have moved transponder
Absolute Radio


The following channels have moved transponder
Film 4+1
Channel AKA now Massive R&B


Fixed the following channels

Colors (SD)
Ideal Extra
BFBS Radio


Glory TV renamed Islam TV
Rocks & Co 1 renamed Juwelo UK
A1TV Changed Transponders
MTV Dance Renamed Club MTV


Updated Channel List to reflect changes made by Sky to the Channel Numbers


The Following Channel have changed Transponders

At The Races (ROI)
Your TV
Ary Family
Dunya News

Iran Int’l HD added to 871


Sony Crime 2 have changed Transponders
Sanskar added to 869


The Following Channels have changed Transponders

Property Show


&TV moved to 795 (&TV HD is no longer broadcasting)


VTV Added to 868
My5 Renamed 5SELECT


Sony Channel has been renamed Sony Crime
Sony Channel +1 has been renamed Sony Crime +1
True Crime has been renamed Sony Crime 2

The Following Channels have changed Transponders
Akaal Channel


MTV LOVE has replaced Viva (MTV LOVE is Encrypted)
High Street TV 1 has replaced Tristar
High Street TV renamed High Street TV 2
High Street TV 2 renamed High Street TV 3
High Street TV 3 renamed High Street TV 4

The following channels have changed transponder
Channel 44
Peace TV Urdu
Sony Channel
Sony Chnl +1


Sewing Quarter Added to 678

GN Radio
Absolute 70s
Solar Radio
Desi Radio
Liberty Radio
Kanshi Radio
Word Network


Chilled Renamed Now 90s
DBN Removed from 598 (no longer broadcasting)
Star Utsav Removed (no longer broadcasting)
Shopping Nation removed (no longer broadcasting)

The following Channels have moved transponder:
Made In Tn&Wr
Made In Bristol
Made In Cardiff
Made In Leeds

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